Digital Smile Design

Today's technology of the Future

Today having a mouth free of biological and functional problems is not always enough. Patients seek beautiful smiles that are integrated with their facial, physical characteristics but also in harmony with their emotional aspects. To achieve this result dentist needs to go beyond just being a good dentist with gentle hands. He needs to become a Smile Designer, well equiped with 3D virtualization technology. The DSD concept aims to help the dentist and the patient to achieve best possible outcomes both aesthetic and functional, by improving the esthetic visualization of the patient's problems and giving insights about possible solutions. The DSD also aims to facilitate and simplify the process of communication. It solves fundamental question what the patients wants to express with their smile? There is multitude of different smile designs can be proposed , each one with a specific character. The key is in discovering what is the design that will harmonize with the morphopsychological aspects of the patient. There are several steps We take to achieve this, portrait photgraphs, intraoral 3D scans of your current smile are taken, design in 3D visualization software, communication with the patient, options approval, production, can be done within one visit .