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Crowns made same day - single visit dentistry
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Porcelain Veneers - in a Single Visit - Natural and Beautiful Look

Children Medicare Bulk Billing CDBS - Regular Dental Exam and Clean is the best and cheapest way to catch a problem early and save your teeth for life. **Offer is available to eligible children 2-17 years of age under Child Dental Benefit Scheme worth of $1000.

Dental Check up and Clean: getting your teeth cleaned twice a year helps prevent gum disease, it can also reduce your chances of potentially deadly heart attacks and strokes. During a professional dental cleaning, it's easy for your dentist to detect early signs of problems such as broken fillings and fractures. Your dentist may require to take Xrays, which gives a comprehensive assessment of your mouth's health.

Our oral health is fundamental to our overall general health and our quality of life, so it is important that we make the time to take care of our oral health despite our busy schedules. By visiting the dentist proactively, rather than as a reactive measure to fix dental problems, you will save your teeth for life.

Our clinic operates flexible working hours Monday to Saturday 9:30 am to 8:00 pm. Call ph: (03) 9436 8103 to book now not to miss the opportunity to freshen up your smile:) Easy access from South Morang, Bundoora, Greensborough, Thomastown, Mernda, Doreen, Craigieburn, Wollart, Diamond Creek and all surrounding suburbs.

Dental Jewellery - Shine Like a Diamond
This little diamond is comprised of a small glass crystal, made of white gold or gold jewels.
They are bonded to the enamel of your teeth without preparation or any damage to your natural tooth enamel and made to look like sparkling diamonds. Girls love it! Looks modern and fresh - simply beautiful! Call ph: (03) 9436 8103 for a special price $$

Professional teeth whitening treatment
is safe and effective way to lighten your teeth. We have take home kits for you.

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